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Welcome! What we are.

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Welcome! What we are. Empty Welcome! What we are.

Post  Akri on Sun May 03, 2015 10:45 pm

This forum is slightly different from those around us. This is a literary rp forum with one glaring difference. There are no muses. We've found that over the years, people are deterred from joining forums because the character they want to play is already taken. On top of that, after extended periods, it becomes dull to use the same people over and over; even if you love them.

Here you can thread with anyone you want, as anyone you want. No one owns anyone and the ideas are endless. There is no theme or limitations. Fantasy, Sci Fi, MPreg; anything goes.

How to play? Easy. If there is a plot you've been wanting to try, simply post it in the plot ideas section. If someone is interested, simply pm the person that placed the post. When you've found someone to play with, simply change the title of the idea post to FOUND and it will be removed to keep from clutter.

If you don't have a plot, but know who you want to play? Not a problem, simply state that in a post. Once again, once you've found someone, simply change the post title and it will be removed.

If a topic has not been replied too within a month, it will be moved to the ON HOLD section. This way the forums are uncluttered, but you will always know where to find your play. It will remain in the ON HOLD section until it is requested out for use or is renamed as COMPLETED. Any story named completed will be moved to the DEAD THREADS.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to pm me or leave a post in the concerns section. I will do my best to answer any an all questions you may have.



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