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Secondhand Benefit

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Secondhand Benefit Empty Secondhand Benefit

Post  Eilonwe on Wed May 06, 2015 11:38 pm

Plot summary: Bartek Boroweic is a sweet guy, a real gentleman.  But to be honest he's a bit of a sheltered virgin.  He can't go out into the sunlight because of a rare genetic disorder so he's been home-schooled all of his life. So now, he's a strapping 21 year old with a raging and very curious libido.  Being so sheltered, he never really learned that homosexuality is wrong.  And he's just set his eyes on a very cute guy...

Bartek looks like this:  Secondhand Benefit Pbucket

What I'm looking for:

A strong but gentle Seme to teach Bartek the wonders of gay sex.  I want Blake to be encouraged to enjoy being a bottom, I don't want him to be degraded, or humiliated. I'd prefer a build up of getting to know each other before we jump into bed. Maybe Bartek asks you to help teach him how to make love to a man, because he's nervous about being a good lover to the guy he likes. Let's say you know the other guy is a cad and not worthy of someone as innocent as Bartek. The benefit of taking pleasure in showing Bartek what things should be like between two men, soon outweighing any posturing you might have done before you agreed to mentor him.  And maybe you fall for him.  You can use any sexy male muse you like but I prefer a male with no hair on his chest please.  I think it would be cool to pair him with a vampire but that is not necessary for this plot just an option.

limits: no body waste you'd flush down a toilet. no gore or violence for the sake of violence. no underage sex. no non-consentual, or dubious consentual sex. I'm looking for sweet romance.

PS Bartek is a model


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