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Post  Eilonwe on Thu May 07, 2015 12:11 am

PLOT:  Based on the Anime Kyo Kara Moh!  Yuuri has accidentally gotten engaged to Wolfram.  On top of that he's also the new king of a country he didn't even know existed.  In Japan homosexual marriage is not allowed but it is in the Demon Kingdom, and Wolfram is taking the engagement far too seriously in Yuuri's opinion.  Doesn't he realize that Yuuri isn't gay and that marriage implies sex?  Finally after months of one dealing with one disaster after another, Yuuri finally has some down time ... and a desperate need to get laid.  But Wolfram is the ultimate cock-block. He's arrogant, at times immature, and he won't let Yuuri flirt with any women because he's engaged.  Frustrated beyond belief Yuuri snaps and demands that Wolfram 'put up or shut up', if he can't have sex with women than Wolfram better be willing to fulfill his wifely duties to the king.  Only thing is... Yuuri doesn't know what the hell he'll do if Wolfram agrees.    

In this play both guys are 18. I'm willing to play either role, I just want to see Yuuri and Wolfram finally get it on. Very Happy
This is Yuuri Shibuya :  Yuuri the boy
Yuuri the demon king

This is Wolfram von Bielefelt: Wolfram


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